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Tank storage

Safe and efficient handling of liquids

Avoid spills and incidents and improve valve operating efficiency

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Improving valve operations

When working in a tank terminal, your goal is safe and efficient handling of highly valuable liquids. The many valve operations form a challenge to reach this goal. Together with us you can overcome this challenge by improving your valve operations. We help you to ensure safe operating procedures and to operate valves quicker and easier, with a range of products, services and tailored advice.

Avoid product contamination by managing manual valve operations

To prepare for product handling you need to line-up the correct tanks with the loading docks. Mistakes during valve alignment might lead to costly product spills or contamination. With our dedicated solution of interlocks and a Key Management System you  ensure correct operation, without the need for full automation.

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Using valve interlocks avoids contamination in tank storage industries
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  • Power Wrench portable valve actuator

Reduce valve line-up time with portable actuators

Lining-up valves costs you a lot of time and is often a heavy job. Specifically in demanding circumstances or under time pressure you could use a tool to ease your job. With our portable actuators, you minimise time and physical effort of your manual valve operations.

Monitor real-time status of your manual valves

In today’s digital age you need real-time status information from all your equipment, including your manual valves. Our VPI position indicator provides reliable real-time position information from manual multi-turn valves straight to your control room.

Valve position indicators are used to prevent valve misalignments during product handling
Valve interlocks installed by site service engineer

Ensure safe pigging operations

In tank terminals, pipeline pigging is a daily routine, but with severe safety risks. You want to make sure that a pigging operation is performed entirely according to safety procedures. With valve interlocks, you take the risks out of pigging operations by enforcing safe valve operations.

Operate hard to reach valves with ease

You probably have a number of manual valves that is hard to reach. Some are located up high or in the middle of a tangle of pipelines. You have to go through a lot of trouble reaching these valves. With our FlexiDrive remote operator you can operate these valves from a safe and convenient location.

  • FlexiDrive remote valve operator
  • Operator station of a remote valve operator

Quotes from our customers

We find it difficult to manually open and close our valves, especially in the summertime. So EasiDrive is a big help for us.- G. Canare, Senior Operator - Oiltanking - Jebel Ali
We handle lots of manual valves. Especially with the weather that we have here in Dubai, it becomes a strain to handle all those valves manually. EasiDrive solves that problem for us. We can operate our valves with less effort and in less time.- C. Eriza, Operations Manager - Oiltanking - Jebel Ali
The strength of Sofis is communication. The communication was perfect. And we found a smart solution to satisfy our needs.- David Muscat, Assistant Technical Manager - Oil Tanking - Malta

How  can we help you?

With 30+ years of experience we can help you creating smart valve operations. Let us share the lessons we’ve learned with you by participating in HAZOP studies, interlock sequence design and customised process safety products.

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