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VPI position indicator

Reliable valve position feedback to your control room

The most reliable valve position indicator for linear valves

The VPI valve position indicator helps you to get a clear overview of the position of manual linear valves in the field. The mechanical counting mechanism of the VPI is based on over 20 years of proven technology. It can be set very accurately so you only receive an open or closed signal once your valve has reached its end position.

Instant position feedback

The VPI valve position indicator helps you to get a clear overview of the position of manual linear valves in the field.

Operators in control room coomunicating manual valve positions

A reliable signal to your control room

Get a reliable open or closed signal from your manual linear valves to your control room.

In field notification of manual valve positions

In field notification

In-field notification allows your operators to visually check the open and closed positions of your manual valves.

Position indicator for linear valves

Fits all your manual multi turn valves

The body is fixed to your valve with a universal bracket, which can be mounted to any type of multi-turn valve in a very short time. By default the VPI valve position indicator is offered with a univeral adaptor.

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VPI A Series

The high standard for onshore environments, made of high-quality, powdercoated aluminium. The A-series is suitable for operation in any type of onshore environment, from arctic to desert weather conditions.

Valve position indicator S-Series

VPI S Series

Extremely durable for offshore and other corrosive environments, made of the highest quality AISI 316 stainless steel. With its extreme durability, the S-series can resist the roughest offshore conditions, withstanding continuous exposure to salt or high concentrations of corrosive gases or liquids.

Reduce maintenance costs

Sensors inside the VPI are well protected against external impact and weather conditions. Its durable design guarantees a long product lifespan and avoids unplanned maintenance.

Reduce your need for actuators

When a reliable valve position signal is your only requirement, you no longer need to purchase actuators anymore. VPI helps you save CAPEX since it requires less purchase, installation and maintenance costs compared to actuators.

Ready for use in hazardous environments

VPI is an ATEX- and IECEx-certified product, approved for use in Zone 1-classified areas.

Valve position indicator for gate and globe valves
Valve position indicator for linear valves


You can adapt your VPI according the specific sensor requirements you may have. The VPI position indicator is equipped with a NAMUR or dry contact switch as a standard. Alternatively, a safety NAMUR or lever-less limit switch is available with increased reliability and durability, including a safety function.

Ex d version

In addition to our intrinsically-safe models, the VPI is also available in various Ex d versions.


The VPI position indicator is available in two sizes. A small version for valve spindle diameters up to 27 mm and a large version for valve spindle diameters up to 70 mm.

Visual position indication

Check your valve position while standing next to your valve with optional LED indicators. The LEDs clearly indicate which position the VPI is signalling to the control room.

Smith Flow Control and Netherlocks Safety Systems have merged. We are now Sofis.

Reference companies

The Netherlocks VPI is based on extensive experience. Using proven technology, thousands of our position indicators are already successfully deployed in the field.

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