Monitor manual valve positions

With real-time open and closed valve position information, you avoid loss of containment and have more control over manual valve operations.

Get a real-time position signal from your multi-turn valves

Receive real-time valve position feedback in your control room with our valve position indicators.  They are dedicated for multi-turn valves and are unique in the market.

  • Easily mounted on any handwheel-operated valve
  • Wired or wireless position signals
  • Suitable for almost any environment
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Valve position indicator for manual valves
Valve interlocks enforce safe valve operations

Lock valves to authorize operations and get valve position feedback to your DCS

Authorize your manual valve operations with our valve locks and send back valve position information to your DCS at the same time.

  • Valve locks prohibit unauthorized valve operation
  • The electronic key cabinet authorizes operating key emission
  • The cabinet sends valve status information to your DCS
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Smith Flow Control and Netherlocks Safety Systems have merged. We are now Sofis.

How can we help you?

With 30+ years of experience we can help you creating smart valve operations. Let us share the lessons we’ve learned with you by participating in HAZOP studies, sharing application knowledge and customized process safety products.

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