Power Wrench portable valve actuator

Pneumatic valve wrench with universal coupling plates. Reduce effort, improve efficiency, and minimize downtime during plant stops and maintenance.

The Power Wrench speeds up manual valve operation without hurting your back

With the Sofis Power Wrench portable actuator, you reduce valve operating time by up to 80% and improve efficiency when operating manual valves. Install the drive plate with u-bolts, connect the Power Wrench portable valve actuator to an air supply and you are ready to go!

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Power Wrench portable valve actuator for multi rotation manual valves
Portbale actuator for easy opening and closing manual valves

A Flexible valve wrench to operate your manual valves

The Sofis Power Wrench is highly flexible, easy-to-mount, and perfect for turnarounds and other valve maintenance activities. It can be quickly attached to any valve due to its adaptable design. This portable actuator is completely portable. With its universal drive plates, the valve wrench can be mounted and remounted wherever required. There is no manufacturer installation necessary. Operation of the portable actuator is easy and safe within the recommended boundaries. You are in control about the applied force and speed. Various safety aspects protect you during the setup and operation.

Prevent operator injuries

Repetitive actions subject the body to stress. Operators responsible for maintenance in large utility or refinery plants are at risk of occupational health issues, such as muscular or skeletal illnesses from repetitive strain injury (RSI) or over-exertion. They are also more prone to workplace accidents if proper procedures are not followed. A specific challenge for operators is the frequent manual operation of valves. Manually rotating these valves involves highly repetitive motions, repeatedly straining the same muscles and body parts. Additionally, remaining in the same position for extended periods causes fatigue, adding to the risk. With a Sofis portable actuator, you avoid operator injuries caused by strain or over-exertion during manual valve operations.

Actuate any valve thanks to flexible mounting

You can use the open end Power Wrench for any type of valve. Preparing the valve only takes minutes. You quickly bolt a universal drive plate onto the hand wheel. Then connect the tool to your plant air system and you are ready for operation.

Ensure smooth and reliable manual valve operations

Efficient and rapid operation of manual valves is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment and reducing the risk of interruptions or shutdowns. Sofis portable valve actuators and valve openers provide versatile solutions tailored to various operational needs. These portable valve actuators ensure smooth and reliable valve operation, enhancing overall productivity and safety.

Drive plate for manual valve operator

Operate manual valves within minutes and without physical strain

With an automatic valve opener, you work more efficient during plant stops and maintenance. Put the tool to work in your plant within minutes and limit the time spent on operating manual valves. The Power Wrench is Ex certified and ready for use in Zone 1 classified areas.

Enforced ‘2-hands operation’ increases safety

The Power Wrench portable actuator is equipped with various features to ensure ease of use for the operator and support the safe operation in the field. The throttle allows for a controlled build-up of torque and speed and the safety lever and throttle valve enforce ‘2-hands operation’.

ATEX certified

Powered by pneumatic pressure (4-7 bar), this ATEX-certified portable valve actuator can operate handwheel valves of any size. With up to 515Nm of torque available at the twist of a throttle, it effortlessly handles even the heaviest handwheels.

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What our customers say

The Power Wrench manual valve actuator is a great device for us, because we can open and close our manually operated valves much more quickly and safely. The tool is a safe device, for it can only be operated with both hands. It allows me to do my job faster and more easily – which is great because I’m not getting any younger.- G. Knepper, Dayshift Operator, HDPE Polymers – Production, SABIC Europe B.V.
Previously, our valves were being opened and closed manually by our operators. This resulted in injuries such as stiff, sore and strained backs, shoulders and arms. Using the Power Wrench manual valve actuator, these injuries are now no longer an issue.- J. Habets, Senior Dayshift Operator, HDPE Polymers – Production, SABIC Europe B.V


The Power Wrench portable actuator offers a smarter way to operate your manual valves. It is used globally by major end-users to improve the efficiency of their valve operations. Our site engineers can inspect your large manual valves and identify other potential hazardous operational issues. Based on this assessment, we can design and custom-fit a tailored solution. For over 15 years, Sofis has been providing universal and bespoke portable valve operation systems to customers worldwide.

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