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EasiDrive portable valve actuator

Ease frequent operation of your heavy manual valves.

Save on actuator CAPEX

With one EasiDrive portable actuator you operate many valves.

Prevent back injuries

The EasiDrive portable actuator improves operator convenience.

Save operating time

Quickly open and close any type of multi-turn manual valve.

Valve actuation at a fraction of the costs

The EasiDrive portable actuator offers the convenience of an actuator at a fraction of the costs. With EasiDrive you actuate those valves that are heavy to operate or require many turns. It makes manual operation easy and safe, without the need for expensive actuators. Pre-install bespoke mounting brackets to your valves, carry your light-weight drive tool to the field and open your valves quickly and with minimal efforts.

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Save up to 80% of valve operating time

With the EasiDrive portable actuator you quickly open and close any type of multi-turn manual valve. Even valves that require a high number of rotations or need high operating torque are operated in just minutes.

  • EasiDrive portable actuator gun

Reaction device ensures safe valve operation

All force during operation is diverted through the reaction arm on the mounting bracket. This way, safe valve operation is guaranteed at all times. Operating the EasiDrive portable actuator is also easy and convenient. You can operate the tool with one hand. Carrying the light-weight tool into the field requires no effort.

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To select your mounting kit, first check whether your valve has a rising stem or not. Secondly, determine whether you want to retain the original handwheel for manual valve operation.

Quotes from our clients

We find it difficult to manually open and close our valves, especially in the summertime. So EasiDrive is a big help for us.- G. Canare, Senior Operator - Oiltanking - Jebel Ali
We handle lots of manual valves. Especially with the weather that we have here in Dubai, it becomes a strain to handle all those valves manually. EasiDrive solves that problem for us. We can operate our valves with less effort and in less time.- C. Eriza, Operations Manager - Oiltanking - Jebel Ali

Reference companies

The EasiDrive portable valve actuator is used globally by major end-users to avoid injuries and increase operator convenience during valve operations.

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