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Northern Lights operators

Sofis provides valve safety system for Northern Lights, the world’s first open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure

Northern Lights is developing the world’s first open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure. The company delivers CO2 transport and storage as a service, offering safe and permanent CO2 storage to industrial emitters. Northern Lights aims to enable the decarbonization of CO2-intensive industries. As a partner of Aker Solutions, Sofis has provided a variety of solutions to guarantee safe, efficient, and ergonomic manual valve operations for the Northern Lights development.

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North sea offshore HVDC substation

Offshore wind farm uses valve interlocking systems to guarantee pressure safety capacity on HVDC converter platform

Safety is of paramount importance for offshore wind HVDC converter platforms. Critical systems such as the cooling system for the power electronics, play a pivotal role. Incorporating valve interlocks in the platform’s design offers a multitude of benefits to ensure the highest level of safety and reliability.

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Sofis safety solutions for the chemical industry

Safety solutions for the chemical industry

Chemical plants manufacture or process chemicals using specialized equipment, units, and technology in the manufacturing process. In your facility, you can experience process failures, which can result in contamination, unplanned downtime, loss of production, and potentially hazardous situations leading to accidents and injuries. Sofis products and solutions are used in many applications in the chemical industry, to guarantee safe valve operations and improve efficiency.

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Operate manual valves within minutes, and without any physical strain!

Reduce stress, avoid back injuries and incidents, and save time when operating manual valves.

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Ensuring safe and efficient valve operations for next generation energy infrastructure

Sofis solutions for the energy transition

Sofis provide valve interlocks and portable actuators used in next-generation energy infrastructure. We ensure that valves are operated correctly, preventing accidents and protecting the planet.

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Helping you secure the integrity of your valve safety systems

Pre installlation planning of large valve interlock order

Project support

Our engineers prevent unwanted project delays and hand-over problems, by ensuring correct installation and commissioning of your valve interlocks. They also provide support for you to effectively plan and execute your plant shutdowns and turnarounds, avoiding any unforeseen ad-hoc issues causing project delays or safety issues.

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Valve interlock installation

Operations & maintenance

To optimize your valve operations, we provide various solutions and programs to help you limit operational risks and mitigate the effects of human error. Our asset management and training programs are aimed to prevent undesirable, costly, and potentially dangerous consequences. They contribute to the life extension of your assets, ensuring long-term operational efficiency, integrity, and continuity of your valve interlock systems.

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Flaring on oil rig

Regulations & standards

Our solutions and program aim to improve human performance in all life cycle stages to limit the possibility of human error. Sofis helps you to protect your staff, assets, and the environment, ensure compliance with the law, and achieve continuous performance improvement for optimized safety and efficiency.

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Sofis products are used globally by major end-users to guarantee safe valve operations and improve plant efficiency.

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