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Key management

The Sofis Key management range offers an easy-to-use solution to safely control the operation of all critical valve interlocked systems on your plant. Supporting increased productivity and efficiency, without compromising your operator’s safety or plant integrity.

Gain valuable insight in interlock usage

Valve interlocks improve process safety, but challenges may arise through poor use of interlocks and limited operational knowledge. Time taken searching for missing keys or taking the wrong one in to the field, can cause considerable delays. Additionally, in using mechanical interlocks alone, you cannot make use of all the data driven insights, with plants becoming more technologically driven.

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  • Key cabinet for valve interlock keys
  • Key management system for valve interlocks
  • Key management system for valve interlocks

Improve operator efficiency and plant performance

Our key management systems give greater information and insight form your interlock keys. They also allow you to make smarter decisions by using information across the plant.

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A system for every requirement

Sofis key management systems simplify administrative control, avoiding the need for lengthy manual processes and help eliminate human error.

Valve interlock locked in key cabinet

Store & Store+

‘Store’ is a lockable carbon steel enclosure, fitted with un-coded key positions. It  provides tidy storage for your operating keys. Each system is allocated a dedicated position, a quick glance provides the status of any safety critical system on your plant.

  • Wall mounted
  • Up to 400 keys can be stored
  • Provides immediate visual system status
  • Uniquely coded positions to ensure correct key placement


To increase functionality to your basic ‘Store’ solution, you can add various electronic components such as micro switches, solenoids and LED lamps.

  • Store up to 216 keys
  • Digital feedback on keys, indicating valve position and system status
  • Electronic authorization for key release, from PLC or DCS
  • Lights visually indicate whether keys can be taken from the cabinet
Key management system for valve interlocks


To support operator efficiency and plant performance, you can fully customise your ‘Smart’, to be a standalone or integrated system offering all the functionality of the Store and Sense models. In addition, ‘Store’ also allows other features and components.

  • Custom configurable software, loaded to an industrial PC
  • Automated key authorisation, with multiple level user access
  • Key logging and reporting
  • Automated control over sequences and valve line-ups
  • Manage up to 200 systems or sequences
  • Local access to documents, such as system specific P&IDs or schematics
Smith Flow Control and Netherlocks Safety Systems are now Sofis

Reference companies

Sofis key management solutions are the most intelligent interlock key management systems available to the market. They form the basis of the new industry standard for interlock key management.

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Key management in practice: dry bulk storage

One of the major challenges in dry bulk handling is to prevent incorrect loading and unloading, which can result in significant loss. Sofis valve interlocks eliminate incorrect loading and unloading by only allowing the right valves to be opened or closed in the correct order, leading operators safely through strict work procedures.


Sofis offers you support through local service centres and a network of certified local service partners. This enables efficient installation and maintenance of your Sofis products. We strive to create partnerships with our clients, providing a turnkey approach to service. This will lead to a reduction in your total cost of ownership.

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