We offer a complete range of field services and engineering support. As our client, you can rely on our extensive engineering expertise to assure safe and efficient valve operations at all times.

Field service

You want the right people with the right skills and resources at a time when you need them most. That is critical to efficient valve operation. Our team of highly trained and experienced Site Service Engineers are always on hand. Ready to assist you, anywhere in the world!

Portable valve actuator instructions and support


Practical training significantly contributes to smooth and trouble free operation of your Sofis products.

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Valve interlock installation and maintenance support

Surveys and inspections

Regular condition monitoring and maintenance ensures 100% availability of your equipment.

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Valve interlock installed on a manual valve

Maintenance and service support

Emergency call out and repair,  measurement of top work data, emergency call out and repair and shutdown shutdown & turnaround services.

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Pre installlation planning of large valve interlock order

Project support

Avoid unwanted project delays and hand-over problems.

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Engineering support

We have extensive application knowledge and over 30 years of experience and project management skills. Our global team of engineers is available to participate in HAZOP studies, assist with interlock sequence design and develop customized process safety products. They are committed to improve your valve operations and ultimately, your plant performance.

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Valve interlock

Sofis helps improve operational efficiency with preventive valve interlock maintenance program

A special material solutions provider based in The Netherlands recently decided to employ Sofis engineers, to physically inspect all valve interlocks during a planned maintenance shutdown. This way, it minimizes unplanned maintenance on valve interlocks, thus increasing process uptime.

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Smith valve interlocks

How do you ensure process and operator safety?

Equipment and infrastructure that are past their design life are more likely to experience failures, resulting in unplanned downtime, loss of production, and potentially hazardous situations leading to accidents.Sofis supports the industry by offering smart safety solutions for and in each life-cycle stage. For your valve interlock install base, we offer health checks and training, to ensure the operational integrity of your risk level 1 equipment.

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Service engineers installing valve interlocks

What determines a successful installation of valve interlocks?

Construction teams that lack appropriate experience with handling large interlock installation jobs often waste time and money and encounter common, critical technical issues, resulting in complete valve systems not being operable. Proper understanding of the scope of the installation job therefore saves valuable time.

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