Maintenance and service support

Ensuring peak performance and longevity for your valve interlocks with our comprehensive maintenance and service solutions.

Valve interlock installed on a manual valve

Installation and commissioning

Our team of skilled engineers handles the installation and commissioning of valve interlocks with precision and expertise. Our thorough installation process includes careful planning, installation, and comprehensive testing to ensure everything functions perfectly. We ensure your equipment is installed, commissioned, and handed over efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring seamless integration into your operations. By adhering to industry best practices and safety standards, we guarantee that your valve interlocks will perform reliably and effectively from day one.

Valve interlock installed on valve

Measurement of topwork data

Detailed ‘topwork’ dimensions guarantee a perfect fit and prevent delays caused by incomplete or incorrect information. Incorrect measurements, last-minute changes in valve type, or the addition of a gearbox can result in the interlock not fitting the valve. If the existing mounting kit cannot be adjusted to match the new valve’s dimensions, a new kit must be urgently procured. This requires collecting the new valve’s topwork measurements and promptly communicating them to the interlock manufacturer for immediate production.

Valve interlock installed by service engineer

Emergency call-out and repair

Our service engineers are directly available for any technical assistance, getting your systems back up and running, with the shortest possible delay. Our services ensure minimal downtime and swift resolution of critical issues. Rapid response times reduce potential operational disruptions and prevent extended losses. Our engineers can quickly diagnose and fix problems, ensuring safety and compliance with industry standards.

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Valve interlock installation

Sofis installs 1500 interlocks on a large oil refinery project

For one of its customers’s projects, Sofis was asked supply installation support, initially for measuring, installing and commissioning more than 1500 Netherlocks interlocks. In the end, Sofis supplied 1610 Netherlocks interlocks and 8 Smith interlocks. For 99%, the interlocks were installed on pressure relief valves (PSV). The entire process was managed and led by a Senior Service Engineer of Sofis.  construction contract for the refinery to a joint venture of four contractors.

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Valve interlock installation and maintenance

Interlocks survey detects potential safety breaches

Sofis was invited to perform an interlock survey on Nostrums’ plant facilities. During this survey, Sofis engineers discovered a variety of malfunctions and safety breaches on the interlock systems they came across, mainly caused by the way that the interlocks were operated, changing conditions in the field, and due to lack of maintenance.

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Service engineers installing valve interlocks

What determines a successful installation of valve interlocks?

Construction teams that lack appropriate experience with handling large interlock installation jobs often waste time and money and encounter common, critical technical issues, resulting in complete valve systems not being operable. Proper understanding of the scope of the installation job therefore saves valuable time.

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Since 1985, our products create a safer working environment for operators and those that work with them. Our long time dedication to the energy & process industry has resulted in an in-depth understanding of our customer’s projects and challenges in this industry.

We serve the global energy & process industry from our global network of satellite offices and local partners. As part of the safety sector of UK-based Halma Plc, we operate in a network of 50 technology driven companies with 5,400 employees world-wide.