Ensure operator safety

Operating manual valves can be risky. It can be physically demanding for the operator. And sometimes mistakes lead to instant hazards, like in pigging operations.

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Reduce risks and ease demanding operations

For some manual valve change-overs, operators run the risk of physical injuries. With simple tools you can eliminate the chances of human error and reduce the physical strain on your operators.  

Eliminate chances to hazardous mistakes

Valve operating errors might seriously threaten personnel and assets. In these cases, the chance of mistakes should be eliminated. Not by check lists, but by mechanically blocking all but the right operation.  

Use our valve interlocks to secure hazardous valve changeovers.

Eliminate valve operating errors
Using valve interlocks avoids contamination in tank storage industries

Reduce physical strain from demanding operations

When many valves must be operated within a short time-frame, operators experience high physical strain. When temperatures are high or valves require many rotations, they suffer from fatigue and potential injuries.  

Improve operator morale and lost time injuries with portable valve actuators.

Ease valve operations with portable actuators

Fast line-ups don’t require automation

In today’s challenging market conditions, terminal operations such as lining up valves for product transfer, must be performed efficiently. However, most terminals rely on manual operations. Luckily, manual valve operations can be significantly accelerated and secured, without the need for complete actuation and automation of all valve operations.

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