Increase valve operating speed and avoid physical injuries

Operating multiple manual valves is time consuming and exhausting. Manual valve changeovers slow down your product transfers. And your operators risk fatigue and injuries by demanding conditions.

Reduce transfer time with faster manual line-ups

Manual operations slow down valve change overs. Operators lose time operating heavy and high rotation valves. This impacts the time it takes to line-up your valves, leading to longer transfer times and lower throughput. 

You can reduce line-up time without permanently actuating all manual valves.

  • Reduce valve operating time with at least 50%
  • Operate many valves with a single tool
  • Increase efficiency without the need for automation
Portable valve actuator for manual multi -turn valves
Valve wrench tool

Avoid operator sick leave due to injuries

When preparing for product transfers your operators need to line-up valves within a short time-frame. Heavy operating conditions such as the weather and wide working area, can strain your operating personnel, as do heavy and repetitive operations.  

Sick leave due to injuries to the back, neck and shoulders can easily be avoided. 

  • Operate effortlessly with torques up to 950 Nm
  • Protect operators from potential reaction force by a reaction arm
  • Tools are light weight and easy to carry
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What our customers say

“We were looking for another way to operate big manual valves, in less time with less effort and lowering injury risk. EasiDrive was the solution to our issues.”

Chris Erza, Operations Manager, Oiltanking, Dubai

Operator of Olitanking

“With EasiDrive, we can operate a valve alone as it removes all the stress and strain. It is so easy to use and much quicker than manual operation.”

George Canare, Senior Operator, Oiltanking, Dubai