By ensuring correct valve line-ups you avoid product contamination

Contamination is key issue for any storage terminal. Direct costs and reputation damage of such an incident are high. Lining up manual valves correctly is troublesome. You need to clearly instruct operators, double check valve positions but lack real-time information in your control room.

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Valve line-up during tanker loading

Get more grip on your manual valve line-ups

To avoid contamination incidents, you need to be sure about your line-ups. By increasing insight and control you can ensure flawless manual valve operations and eliminate chances of an incident.

Secure your line-ups to avoid contamination

Our line-up solutions give up to date status information and allow you to monitor and control manual operations. They provide valve status input to your automation system or enable your system to fully direct your manual operations.

Timely detect errors with real-time monitoring

You can continuously monitor your line-ups without limiting your operators’ autonomy. Ensure all valves are in the right position to eliminate errors that lead to incidents.

With our VPI position indicators, you check your valve line-ups. They are mounted to your existing manual valves to monitor your valve positions in real-time.

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Valve position indicator for gate and globe valves
Using valve interlocks avoids contamination in tank storage industries

Eliminate line-up errors with rigorous controls

Fully control your manual line-up operations by linking them to the terminal automation system. Let your system check and control every manual step, to eliminate chances of human error.   

With our valve line-up system, your control system determines which manual valves must be operated and monitors if the line-up is correct.

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See how other companies have avoided contamination.

Valve line-up during tanker loading

This tank storage leader avoids contamination with locks and a smart key cabinet

A tank farm in Southern Europe installed a valve line-up system. Risks of contamination are now eliminated, while the investment was earned back in the first year already.

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Tanker loading

Eliminating contamination risks with manual valve position indicators

A large Spanish refinery with a large tank farm storing approximately 2.500.000 m3 of petroleum products in various qualities. Soon after installation, a first line-up error was discovered. This saved €300.000 – €500.000.

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Fast, flawless line-ups don’t require automation

In today’s challenging market conditions, terminal operations such as lining up valves for product transfer, must be performed efficiently. However, most terminals rely on manual operations. Luckily, manual valve operations can be significantly accelerated and secured, without the need for complete actuation and automation of all valve operations.

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