Ensure correct line-ups by directing manual operations

To line up manual valves you rely on flawless operations. But despite extensive communication, operators make mistakes. They misinterpret instructions, make wrong choices in the field or operate valves outside their scope of work.

key management device for valve interlocks

With a valve line-up system you direct all manual valve operations

  • Your control system determines which manual valves must be operated.
  • First time right operations are enforced by mechanical valve locks.
  • You have full control over your line-ups, since all operations require authorization.
  • Your DCS checks the line-up through up to date valve status information.

Gain full control over your manual valve operations

With a valve line-up system, valve operations are blocked, unless your DCS grants authorization. Valve locks prevent unauthorized operation and a key cabinet issues keys to unlock valves based on DCS input.

A valve line-up system links your manual valves to your terminal automation. Valve locks are easily retrofitted to your manual valves. Connecting the key cabinets to your DCS only requires basic programming.

The valve line-up system guarantees correct valve line-ups

The DCS determines which valves to operate

The DCS determines the required line-up. A key cabinet contains unique operating keys for each individual valve. The keys to unlock the selected valves are released for the operator.

The valve line-up system guarantees correct valve line-ups

Only the selected valves can be operated

The released keys only unlock the selected valves. The operator operates those valves only. After each operation, an alternative key is released. These keys are returned to the key cabinet.

The valve line-up system guarantees correct valve line-ups

The DCS receives confirmation and transfer can proceed

Based on the newly entered keys, the cabinet confirms operation to the DCS. Once the full line-up is confirmed, the DCS can proceed to transfer the product.

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Valve line-up during tanker loading

This tank storage leader avoids contamination with locks and a smart key cabinet

A tank farm in Southern Europe installed a valve line-up system. Risks of contamination are now eliminated, while the investment was earned back in the first year already.

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What our customers say

I really appreciate the help of the Sofis team in getting this project ready on time. Everything has finally come together into a splendid and smart solution, and we're ready now to move forward and make it work. We are extremely grateful for your constant support and looking forward to continuing to work together.- David Muscat, Assistant Technical Manager, Oiltanking Malta
Thanks to the valve line-up solution we are now able to load 9 more ships per year.- Operations Manager, large independent tank storage company