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Smith valve interlocks

Prevent human error

Prevent human error by confirming that each pressure safety valve (PSV) is operated in the correct order. Valve interlocks prevent operators from mistakenly deviating from procedures.

key management system for valve interlocks

Increase control confidence

A key management system for valve interlocks provides the control room with visual confirmation of the valve’s status and a confirmation that sufficient relief capacity is online before maintenance activities can begin.​

Remote valve operator for hard to reach valves

Improve valve operations

To meet the specific needs for safe and efficient valve operations of carbon capture projects, we work closely with our partners and customers. Our tailored solutions, like FlexiDrive remote valve operator, allow operators to safely and efficiently operate manual valves.

Preventing over-pressurisation of heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are commonly installed in parallel, as they must be maintained in a live process. This allows one heat exchanger to be maintained, while the other takes over the process. Changing over between heat exchangers requires strict adherence to procedures, to avoid hazardous mistakes. To prevent over-pressurization and avoid accidents when changing-over heat exchangers, Sofis provides valve interlocking systems to ensure an open path to a minimum of one of the vaporization heaters and the corresponding PSVs. This prevents over-pressurization of the lines in case of backflow from the high-pressure pressurization header.​

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Sofis provides valve safety system for Northern Lights, the world’s first open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure

Northern Lights is developing the world’s first open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure. The company delivers CO2 transport and storage as a service, offering safe and permanent CO2 storage to industrial emitters. Northern Lights aims to enable the decarbonization of CO2-intensive industries. As a partner of Aker Solutions, Sofis has provided a variety of solutions to guarantee safe, efficient, and ergonomic manual valve operations for the Northern Lights development.

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Northern Lights operators
Operate valves from a safe distance

Safely operating hard-to-reach manual valves from a distance​

To guarantee the safe operation of hard-to-reach manual gate valves, Sofis has provided the FlexiDrive remote valve operator to carbon capture and transfer facilities. FlexiDrive allows for remote operation of bleed valves, from outside of hard-to-reach areas. By using the FlexiDrive, manual valves can be remotely operated, saving scaffolding costs and allowing operators to perform their jobs in a safe and efficient manner.​

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Integrating key management systems

To support operator efficiency and site performance on carbon capture, transfer, and storage projects, Sofis has implemented Key Management System (KMS) functionality, in addition to mechanical valve interlocking systems. The KMS enables the CO2 storage infrastructure to increase safety and functionality, by restricting access to safety critical systems only to authorized personnel on-site. KMS tracks all valve interlock key movements, which is critical for all safety-critical keys, especially master keys, and spare keys.

Key management systems