The ideal valve wrench tool alternative

Effortlessly open and close manual valves with the Power Wrench portable actuator.

Quickly open and close any manual valve

The Power Wrench portable valve actuator is an ideal alternative to a valve wrench tool. It effortlessly opens and closes valves. The tool is especially effective on valves that need a high number of turns or are otherwise difficult to operate because of high torque or where adverse climates (sub-zero, tropical, desert environments) make operations more challenging.

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Valve wrench tool
Discover all of the Power Wrench’s advantages

Save valuable time when operating manual valves!

See how the Power Wrench quicly opens and closes any manual valve.

Other valve wrench tool alternatives

The EasiDrive portable actuator is another alternative to a valve wrench tool. EasiDrive allows you to save on actuator capex, operate many valves and  prevent back injuries. The EasiDrive portable actuator is easy to use and saves operating time.

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