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IML valve actuator lock

Temporarily disable actuators during maintenance.

Disable your actuated valves during maintenance

During maintenance of your actuated valves in an energized state, you want to set valves to their fail-safe position. This way, the valves are disabled and work can proceed safely.

A mechanical interface between actuator and valve

The IML valve actuator lock interfaces between the actuator and its host valve. It has a blocking mechanism that prohibits valve movement when the operating key is inserted. The key may be part of an operating process, whereby the power source is interlocked with the IML actuator lock. This ensures that the power source and the actuator are operated in the correct order.

Actuator lock for safe valve maintenance
Intermediate valve actuator lock


The IML valve actuator lock is available in two compact mechanical configurations:

  • Key-operated system managed from your control room
  • Simple stand-alone lockout system which satisfies OSHA standards

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