Construction Team Support

With our construction support we help your construction team to timely and efficiently execute installation and commissioning of your large interlock scope.

Interlock Installation Requires Specific Expertise

Interlock installation is not a routine job. Your team needs highly specific skills and expertise to do a good, timely job. Many customers struggle to deal with some very specific issues.

  • Last minute valve changes may require interlock redesign
  • No time to resolve last minute issues
  • The installation might take unnecessarily long
Valve interlock installed on valve
Service engineers installing valve interlocks

Issues During Installation Come With High Risks

Because you install interlocks in the final stage of a project, you run high risks when facing challenges during installation. This may lead to:

  • a need for costly, last minute site support
  • critical delays in mechanical completion
  • liquidate damages due to plant start-up delays
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Eliminate The Risks To Planning And Budget Overruns

With our construction support you eliminate these risks. To back up your team you can choose from a number of support services:

Pre installlation planning of large valve interlock order

Pre-installation Survey

An experienced site engineer checks your hardware scope. He matches interlock couplings with actual valve specifications and checks material completeness. If needed he instantly arranges last minute modifications, in time before installation starts.

Construction Team Training

Our trainer equips your construction team with detailed product and interlock sequencing knowledge. He will give detailed instructions about how to successfully prepare and organise the installation job, so they’ll do their job right the first time.

Valve interlocks are installed on valves by service engineers

Construction Team Management

Our senior engineer supports your team on-the-job, so they can work efficiently. He arranges planning, briefings, permits and mechanical completion documentation. And he is available to offer instant technical support.

Installation of a valve interlock on a manual valve

Commissioning Support

With their expert sequencing knowledge, our engineers ensure that your interlocks are set correctly and will function according to the specified sequences. They tie in their planning with that of the commissioning team for a seamless operation. They also prepare handover documentation towards your customer.

Be sure to involve us in the early stages of your project, so we can offer you timely advise and to discuss the appropriate support for your project.

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