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Valve interlock system installed on-site

Increase operator confidence​

The comprehensive safety measures instill confidence in vehicle personnel and operators, enabling them to carry out their duties with peace of mind.

Key management system for process interlocking

Ensure compliance

By adhering to industry safety standards for hydrogen offloading, our solution reinforces our client’s commitment to safety and regulatory compliance.

Enhance safety

Valve interlocks ensure that correct and safe operating procedures are diligently followed, reducing the risk of accidents and potential hydrogen-related incidents.

​Addressing hydrogen safety concerns

The safe handling of hydrogen is of paramount importance due to its inherent properties. Hydrogen is highly flammable and at high pressure is susceptible to spontaneous combustion. Therefore, adherence to established safety standards is crucial to mitigate hazards during hydrogen offloading.

Our solutions align with industry standards and guidelines for the safe offloading of hydrogen. Valve interlocks act as physical barriers, preventing inadvertent or unauthorized access to critical valves during the refueling process. This significantly reduces the likelihood of operator error and the potential for dangerous situations.

Ensuring correct and safe fueling operations​

To ensure precise and safe hydrogen fueling operations, we integrate valve interlocks with hydrogen panels. Interlocks are strategically fitted on respective isolation valves, enforcing a sequential and foolproof operating procedure. This makes it impossible for mistakes to occur or for the compressor to begin the operation of dispensing hydrogen until the corresponding pressure line is open. Due to our trapped key systems, it is only possible to open one pressure line at a time.

Ensure safe valve operating procedures
Valve interlock for compliant on-and offloading

Adhere to safety standards for hydrogen fueling operations

By adhering to industry safety standards for hydrogen offloading, our solutions enable our client’s commitments to safety and regulatory compliance. In particular, the Pipeline Safety Regulations 1996 – specifically states: “Interlock arrangements may be provided as safety systems, particularly where they prevent inadvertent operation.”

safety regulations and standards
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Integrating key management systems

​In addition to valve interlocks, we can incorporate a range of electronic key management cabinets into our systems for an extra layer of safety assurance. These serve as the final stage of the operating sequence. Offloading personnel must follow the prescribed steps, and only upon completion, they can insert a key into the electronic cabinet. The electronic cabinet then sends a signal, indicating that the conditions for safe offloading have been met.

Key management systems