Turnaround and shutdown support

Zero delay: utilise our programs and specialist knowledge to ensure a safe and efficient turnaround process, and to avoid exceeding planned downtime.

The Sofis turnaround support program

During a turnaround, the actual situation often turns out to be different from what you had planned and expected.

We help you prevent problems prior to and during shutdown and when starting up after a shutdown, to avoid exceeding planned downtime leading to increased lost production with significant financial impact.

Supporting a safe and efficient turnaround process.


Valve interlock issues and hidden defects can interfere the operational process and turnaround execution.

If not identified and taken care of upfront, this can lead to unwanted downtime and critical safety risks.


Timely identification of malfunctioning interlocks allows you to determine and arrange the required corrective actions in time.

This allows you to order the required materials and plan repair in time in accordance with your critical turnaround planning.


Our turnaround support program helps you determine your actual turnaround scope related to interlocks. It provides you with information on the actual interlock scope and the necessary additional preparations you need to plan. This can include interlocks outside of the TA scope affecting systems inside the TA scope.

Discuss your turnaround support requirements

Key to your successful turnaround: TA support program

From planning to execution, the Sofis turnaround support program provides support to ensure a safe and efficient turnaround process.

Valve interlocks are installed on valves by service engineers

Prevent unforeseen issues

The pre-turnaround inspection identifies hidden defects and affected interlock systems, also outside of the official turnaround scope.

A clear understanding of the overall interlock turnaround scope helps to prevent any unforeseen issues related to valve interlocks.

Timely identification of issues and defects allows you to arrange the required corrective actions and have all required materials available in time for repairs during the TA.

Valve interlock installation training

Avoid exceeding your planned downtime

Interlocks can often be found in highly critical applications. Correct handling of interlocks requires specialized knowledge.

Our team of engineers support efficient de-installation during pre-shutdown, provide on-site coordination during the turnaround project, and support pre-start up auditing, all to avoid exceeding planned downtime.

Avoid knowledge gaps leading to incidents

The pre-turnaround training for operators and maintenance teams aims to refresh interlock knowledge. It contributes to preventing critical issues during de-installation and starting up.

The training helps operators avoid incorrect interlock operations. Maintenance teams will be better able to identify interlock issues and apply the required corrective actions.