Safety Regulations, Audits

Ensuring compliance with the law and achieve continuous performance improvement in all your plant’s ‘life cycle stages’ (safe & efficient operations, maintenance & asset life extension, turnaround projects)

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Safety regulations

Because of their inherent hazards, especially from explosion, fire, and chemicals, refineries and chemical plants are tightly regulated places. Plant practices, warnings, and emergency procedures must be observed at all times. Constant monitoring is required. Safeguards include safety systems, specific procedures, and permit systems for any kind of potentially dangerous work. These requirements must be understood and followed by all workers. Sofis systems, solutions and supportive programs are widely employed in compliance strategies,they form an essential component of process safety.


To be compliant, companies in the process industry need to develop and carry out compliance audits that cover a variety of possible risks in assets and projects. Audits are time-consuming, and can easily take months to complete. With over thirty years of experience in crafting smart valve operations, we can help you identifying your risks through HAZOP studies and develop and implement a customised solution that allows you to be compliant at all times.

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Valve interlocks are used to safeguard safe boiler blow down procedures

Avoid accidents

The companies that we serve are no strangers to process and operational excellence. They operate globally, in some of the toughest and most challenging environments. Accidents have a high cost in terms of people, assets and the surrounding environment. Therefore, maintaining safe operations is critical. Successful process safety implementation can not only save companies millions in operating costs – it can also help augment business agility, drive innovation, and enhance regulator and public confidence. Sofis provides advice on how to mitigate risk, avoiding incidents and contributing to ‘goal zero’.

Ensure compliance

While good practice begins with inherently safe design, it is also hostage to the ‘human factor’. The range of process safety products offered by Sofis, mitigate significant environmental and workplace risks. Mechanical valve interlocks remove the ‘human factor’ and guides your operators (and contractors) through a predefined operational sequence.

To ensure the integrity of critical safety systems on the longer term, Sofis offers the Asset integrity & continuity program. This program consists of a recurring inspection of your valve interlocks, and identifies critical safety issues and defects. The output of this inspection provides a proposal for corrective and preventive actions and planning. When the corrective actions are executed after the inspection, Sofis can provide an integrity certificate. This certificate can be used for audit purposes to prove system integrity compliance.

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