Asset management and maintenance planning

Ensure long-term operational efficiency of your safety systems.

Ensuring the operational efficiency of your safety systems

Life extension of your assets

The lifespan of valves and interlocks that are attached to your valves heavily depends on their ability to function as intended.

Process efficiency

Your valve interlocks have to function flawlessly at all times to be able to follow the sequence.

Process safety

Unreliable valves in emergency situations can cause enormous monetary losses and have devastating consequences for personnel.

Operator inserts key in a valve interlock

The Sofis Asset Integrity Management System (SAIMS)

  1. Plan an inspection (interval) to avoid hidden defects;
  2. Identify asset/system status and perform root cause analysis;
  3. Formulate corrective and preventive actions;
  4. Set up maintenance execution plan

Understanding the operational status of your valve interlocks

Sofis valve interlocks are designed to be extremely robust. When operated correctly, Sofis interlocks last for more than 20 years. Still, interlocks sometimes do get broken, bypassed and removed, in particular by operators and maintenance engineers. Understanding the status of your interlocks and recording of failures is therefore of key importance. Knowing the cause of the malfunction allows you to adequate plan follow-up action and eventually reduce the number of defects.

The first step in this process is an inspection of your valve interlocks, performed by Sofis. This audit provides an up-to-date overview of your interlock installed base on item level and includes a full report, with product and system status (per severity level), and a root cause failure analysis. To ensure continuity, we also provide recommendations for corrective and preventive actions. Our inspections always come with a proposal for ensuring long-term operational integrity of your critical safety systems.

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Sofis Asset integrity & continuity program

Apart from supplying and installing valve interlocking systems, Sofis also helps you to ensure the operational integrity of your critical safety systems on the longer term. The Sofis Asset integrity & continuity program covers all your asset management and maintenance planning requirements.

We offer support on various safety levels, to ensure your safety system’s integrity. The basic level covers interlock safety integrity, the extended level also includes system safety integrity, while the comprehensive level covers facility safety integrity.

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