Accident prevention and risk management

Assuring ‘Goal Zero’ by implementing Sofis systems (valve interlocks, key management), solutions (asset management, project engineering support) and programs (Asset integrity & continuity program)

High risk hazards such as overheating, over-pressure, process misalignment or human error, can cause severe safety breaches. Eventually, these can even lead to fire and explosion. Despite having regulations, systems and operating practices in place to prevent such catastrophes, they can still occur.

As the world’s largest interlock manufacturer and safety solutions expert, Sofis contributes to Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) assessments, by providing safety systems, system analysis and safety data. This includes root cause analysis and consultation on corrective and preventive action planning and asset integrity certification.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Sofis offers systems, solutions and programs to help you pursue the goal of no harm to people, to protect assets and the environment.

Controlled operations

Valve interlocks
Installed on manual operated valves, valve interlocks guide operators through a valve sequence. Interlocks applications are used on critical valve sequences that can cause safety breaches when operated incorrectly.

Key management
Key management systems authorise and log key transfers, and provide  position feedback, insights and analytics.

Valve position indicators
Valve position indicators provide a reliable open and closed signal of your valves to the control room.

Safe and ergonomic operations

Portable valve actuators
Sofis portable manual valve operators allow your operators to operate manual valves quickly and easily.

Remote valve operators
Sofis remote valve operators allow for  remote manual valve operation, from a safe distance.

Compliant operations

Asset management and certification
Sofis recurring inspection programs identify damaged or bypassed interlocks that compromise system integrity and potentially lead to incidents. Our recurring training programs for operators and maintenance teams improve knowledge to avoid human errors leading to safety breaches.

Reporting, analysis and registration
Reporting tools provide an up-to-date overview of the interlock installed base on item level. A full report including system status, a root cause analysis and recommendations for maintenance and continuity of your valve interlock systems and a planning for preventive and corrective maintenance. Based on the report, we also provide certification proving your safety system’s integrity.

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We share our expertise

By working with us, you immediately benefit from over thirty years of experience in crafting smart valve operations. As specialists in the valve interlock market, our wealth of knowledge is second to none. We have had the pleasure of working with major end users across the globe to help make their valve operations safer and more efficient.

You can ask us to help you with any of the following:

  • Identifying your risks through HAZOP studies
  • Assisting with your interlock sequencing
  • Developing customised process safety solutions
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Valve interlocks avoid human error
Valve interlocks securing safe valve operations

How can valve interlocks eliminate human error in valve operations?

Every year, agencies like CBS, OSHA and EPA investigate the biggest accidents that occur in the oil, gas and downstream sector, searching for root causes. There never seems to be one reason or mistake, often a combination of multiple factors lead to such catastrophic events. A lack of training, bad communication, wrong design and product malfunction are a few examples that are frequently identified during the root cause analysis. In most cases though, the human factor plays a vital role.

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