Sofis EasiDrive: a lightweight valve turning device that is either pneumatic, electric, or battery-operated.

With EasiDrive, you can operate any type of manual valve within minutes.

Learn more about how the EasiDrive portable actuator can help you:

  • Maximise efficiency during valve operations
  • Achieve full actuation of all your manual valves
  • Reduce investment costs by saving on permanent actuator CAPEX
  • Ensure compliance with human factor engineering and DEP specifications
  • Make valve operation easy for anyone, individually
Portable valve actuator for manual multi -turn valves

EasiDrive is used globally by major end users to protect their operators and to maximise efficiency during valve operations.

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What our customers say

We have several big manual valves that are difficult to operate. It becomes a strain to operate valves manually, coupled with working in the extreme heat. We were looking for another way to operate these valves in less time, with less effort and lowering injury risk. EasiDrive was the solution to our issues.- G. Canare, Senior Operator - Oiltanking - Jebel Ali
When manually operating valves, we need to take turns operating each valve and have to take frequent breaks, because it can be so tiring. With EasiDrive, we can operate a valve alone as it removes all the stress and strain. It is so easy to use.- C. Eriza, Operations Manager - Oiltanking - Jebel Ali
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